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Nancy Castiglione Article on FHM Magazine (April 2006)

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Since you aren’t scared to try anything, what’s the ballsiest thing you’ve done lately?
I would have to say the shoot for TechnoMarine. I had to do shots underwater. We were shooting in this pool-aquarium thing. The photographer was inside where he could see me underwater through a glass wall. And in order for me to sink so that he could take the shots, I had to let go of all the air in my lungs, hold my breath, not touch my face as per Barbi (Chan, makeup artist) here—and look sexy. As if that wasn’t enough, my boob popped out! So there: The ballsiest thing I’ve ever done was try to look good while drowning, ha ha!

You’ve had to give up some work to get your share of free time. But isn’t it hard saying no to projects while they’re on a roll?
Oh yeah, it’s hard! But I’ve been working straight for three and a half years. I’ve worked on three shows simultaneously all that time. So I desperately need a break or else I’m going to burn out.

What is one thing you’re able to do now that you couldn’t before?
I started doing magazine work again, which I really, really love. I went too fast kasi from commercials and magazines to TV work. I enjoy doing fashion editorials, and shoots like this. And simply going out on a gimmick with friends! My perfect day would be going out with friends to the beach and coming back after dinner and having a few drinks at someone’s house or playing poker.

How do you feel about this shoot as opposed to when you first posed in FHM?
The first time I posed for FHM was back in the day when I was “rebelling.” Ha ha! But I was wearing a tube top and a skirt, so super pa-cute pa rin. My gosh I feel more prepared now. Then I was so young and I didn’t really know what I was doing, but now I feel that I’ve grown up a lot. So for this shoot, my goal is to emote sexiness and get away with it without having to be naked.

Ever made the first move?
One time I asked, “Can I kiss you?” He said yes. Hindi pa kami nun, pero siyempre naging kami!
Have all your boyfriends been Filipinos?

Have you tried their foreign brethren?
No, not since I’ve been here in the Philippines. In Canada, yes.

So clue us in on how a guy can, as you said, sweep you off your feet!
I don’t even know how so that’s tough, but they’ve got to break the barriers around my heart. I like guys who have a soft heart but who are still a man’s man. He has to be dashing in the way that he treats women. Small gestures, like opening doors, are what scream how a man cares for a girl. Words don’t mean that much to me anymore, talk is cheap.

How about physically?
That’s really not something I look for. I’ve dated a lot of good-looking guys, but it’s really personality. I know that sounds like a cliché. And another thing is that he absolutely has to make me laugh.

Is there anything you’re passionate about aside from work?
Yeah, to have a husband and a family, which is ironic, jaded as I am. But I’d make a really good wife and mother! I love children, I’m very Pinay in the way that I believe in taking care of my man—cooking for him, making sure he’s up on time, making sure he’s fed properly. I’m a really good cook! And I cook with my tongue, not, like, with measurements in recipes. But I only cook for friends and that special someone.

So what do you think of when you hear the word “69”?
Bastos, ha ha! That number’s just got that stigma behind it.

Would you ever try it?
Secret! Is it any good? Have you? Ha ha!
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